Numerous details, distinguishing features and original qualities help to make each customer unique. Rossi Catering listens to everyone’s needs.

Rossi Catering makes an outstanding sous-chef and can help head chefs with its well-organized, computer-based system: chefs choose ingredients with the help of our consultants, who boast comprehensive knowledge of the field and the market. True efficiency in the kitchen.


Every single ingredient plays a prominent role in pizzas: from the preparation and toppings to the service, if you really want to stand out and establish a loyal customer base, you must select each and every detail with care. Our service is specially tailored to meet your needs.

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Making regular changes to your menu while ensuring that a good selection is always on offer can be a time-consuming process, but Rossi Catering helps to make it into a simple, enjoyable experience. Make the most of our know-how, which is based on the endless market feedback received from chefs and sales staff.

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Bars and cafés

Satisfy even the most demanding customers with Rossi Catering’s stunning selection. From aperitifs to drinks after dinner, you will find everything that you need in our catalogue.

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You can order everything you need from Rossi Catering. The food and drink selection is broad and appetizing. It ranges from fresh and extremely fresh products to long-life goods, and from meat to fish. It also includes frozen meat and vegetables, desserts and accompanying wines and beverages.

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Select your ingredients, make an order and within 24 hours of receiving it we will delivery your goods. Rossi Catering will bring exceptional efficiency to your kitchen, enabling you to cater to even extremely large numbers of customers.

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With Rossi Catering’s vast food and drink selection you can vary your menu every day and satisfy customers from all over the globe. Furthermore, our consultants will help you calculate food costs accurately.

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