Rossi Giants works under the Rossi Catering brand and is part of the Serenissima Ristorazione Group. For over 30 years it has been supplying food to restaurants and catering business of all kinds and sizes, as well as to large establishments in general. The service is highly tailored to suit customer needs. In addition to supplying food, it involves the support of an expert team and personal contacts who can recommend the best choices in terms of quality and price.


Rossi Catering epitomizes the idea of food safety. You can rest assured that our ingredients will always be fresh and carefully checked, leaving you to focus on your passion for cooking and your role as the chef, preparing the dishes that you have chosen to put on the menu.


The chefs and sommeliers on our staff will be happy to advise you on how to put together dishes, making us the ideal suppliers because we can fully satisfy your needs.


From selection to the order and on to delivery: all in the blink of an eye because we strive to be efficient at all times. Thanks to our computer-based platform, the order will be displayed instantly in our company facilities and the warehouse staff and drivers will immediately get to work.

Our philosophy

Informed choices and fast deliveries of products to please the palates of your customers.


If you want to make exceptional dishes, it is essential to use high-quality materials. Whether you are preparing vegetarian crespelle or bigoli with duck ragu, the ingredients must be outstanding. At Rossi Catering, we select our ingredient suppliers with great care and constantly monitor them. You can count on Rossi Catering.

  • Superior ingredients
  • Meticulously selected suppliers
  • Constant monitoring and checks


The Rossi Catering order collection service is run by a specialist sales network that communicates with the main headquarters using a computer-based platform. The ingredients are systematically stored in a 14,000 m² warehouse, with dedicated areas for refrigerated and frozen items. From there, the goods are delivered to customers in suitable vehicles in just 24 hours. Organization, orderliness and promptness are key values at Rossi Catering. Rossi Catering is the epitome of efficiency.

  • 14,000 m² of warehouse space
  • Dedicated areas for refrigerated and frozen items
  • Deliveries in just 24 hours


Would you like to serve a particular sparkling wine from the Trentino area of Italy in a lounge bar in an old town centre? Do you need a combination of quantity, high quality and a superior image in your hotel? Talk about it with one of the experts from Rossi Catering’s professional team. They can advise you on all sorts of matters, including the quality/price ratio. Make a responsible choice and pick Rossi Catering.


We want to offer you and your restaurant not only delicious, wholesome products, but also food safety. Therefore, we select every single supplier with great care.


At Rossi Catering, we see sourcing and using superior ingredients as the cornerstone of high-quality service: we meticulously select every single one of our products and we only buy them from qualified, certified suppliers, in order to ensure not only that the food is safe but also that the ingredients are delicious and wholesome. In our purchasing plans, we favour local suppliers that have proven to be reliable and trustworthy, so that we can rely on them to cater to our needs on a very regular basis.

  • Qualified, certified suppliers
  • As well as delicious and wholesome, all of our products must be safe
  • We favour local suppliers that can guarantee quick deliveries


The selection process is carried out by our Purchasing Department, with the support of our Quality Department. It is very long because it involves checking that each supplier meets sanitary requirements and has an HACCP plan and associated procedures, as well as the necessary certificates, supply capacity and financial solidity. Furthermore, it is essential to analyse and check the foods supplied, the environmental management system and the ethical approach of each supplier.

  • Meticulous selection
  • Analysing and checking the foods supplied
  • As well as sanitary requirements, we also check each supplier’s ethical approach and environmental management system

Protocols and checks

We draw up protocols with our suppliers for their conduct and compliance with the requirements of the SA8000 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certificates. Only suitable candidates are included in our list of qualified suppliers. They must not only satisfy our food safety criteria but also pass all of the checks that are carried out on every delivery (transport temperature and conditions, ingredient sample assessments and correspondence with the order).

  • Conduct and compliance protocols for every supplier
  • List of qualified suppliers
  • Regular checks on every order and delivery


All of our processes and systems are certified because everything that we do revolves around quality and safety.


Our quality management system (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) shows that we can provide regular supplies of products that satisfy our customers’ requirements by effectively implementing and constantly improving our system. We have been awarded UNI 10854:1999 certification for our self-control management system based on the HACCP system and organic certification. Rossi Catering is a reliable partner that can solve its customers’ problems by providing faster deliveries and making their kitchens more efficient. We can guarantee savings by providing the space that you need so that you can buy large quantities of ingredients without having to worry about where to put them.

  • Guaranteed savings
  • Deliveries with proven punctuality
  • Ongoing improvements for ever greater customer satisfaction

Food safety

In order to guarantee food safety “from the farm to the fork”, Rossi Catering is following the UNI EN ISO 2200:2005 certification process, which is based on interactive communication, system management, the prerequisite programmes and the HACCP principles. Every product follows a procedure, which is recorded so that every person who handles it can see its history and consequently view and highlight any potential risks. Rather than an added value, safety must be seen as the cornerstone of everything.

  • Safety from the farm to the fork
  • Certification underlines our priorities
  • The good work starts with safety and continues with service


When chefs use ingredients, they have to be able to trace their origins: every ingredient supplied by Rossi Catering comes with a label that tells its story from the very beginning to the time when you use it. The UNI EN 22005:2008-certified process also plays a crucial role for people with special dietary requirements, who must be able to reliably trace every ingredient.

  • Traceable ingredients
  • Labels showing the story of every ingredient from the very beginning to the time when it is used
  • Reliable information for people with special dietary requirements


We can make up for the space that you do not have. You save and we preserve items meticulously.

Long-life products

All of our non-food and long-life products are stored in a 10,200 m² area, where every aisle is organized so that similar products are placed together, thus making restocking and deliveries as fast as possible. The large warehouse is kept at room temperature. It is never too hot or too cold, so the products do not overheat or get too cold.

  • 10,200 m² for non-food and long-life products
  • Every aisle is organized in such a way as to make deliveries as fast as possible
  • The large warehouse is constantly kept at the ideal temperature

Fresh products and meat

Fresh products are stored in a 700 m² refrigerated area, where they are kept at between 2°C and 4°C. Fresh meat is stored at between 0°C and 2°C in a 200 m² refrigerated unit. The temperatures of the different units are constantly monitored by safety devices, which ensure that immediate action can be taken in the event of faults.

  • 700 m² for fresh products
  • 200 m² for fresh meat
  • Safety devices ensure that the areas are always at the right temperature

Frozen foods

Are frozen foods a problem for you? Do you struggle to find room for large freezers so that you can ensure that a wide range is always available? We have the solution. Our frozen product storage area spans 2,000 m² and the temperature inside is always kept below -18°C. Safety devices ensure that it is always kept at the right temperature: if there are any faults, our staff take action immediately.

  • Frozen product storage
  • 2,000 m² at temperatures below -18°C
  • Our partnership with you extends to warehouse management services


We are on the road on your behalf, with vehicles that guarantee food safety all of the way through to delivery.

Food safety

All of our vehicles are fitted with reinforced insulation. The interiors are covered with materials that are easy to sanitize, with rounded corners to help to prevent dust and residue from building up. Food safety is guaranteed thanks to temperature controlled boxes that keep fresh products, fresh meat and frozen products at the right temperature: all of the temperatures are monitored during journeys and they are checked again upon delivery in order to guarantee quality.

  • Temperature controlled boxes
  • Rossi Catering’s vehicles guarantee food safety
  • Temperatures are checked during journeys and upon delivery

An environmentally friendly approach

Our modern vehicles are designed to minimize the impact on the environment. Restricted traffic areas present no problems to us because we have electric vehicles that are exempt from restrictions and congestion charges. Protecting the environment is a top priority for Rossi Catering. We strive to provide a green service for you and your restaurant that revolves around the concept of a sustainable economy.


Words explain, while numbers demonstrate. You can count on Rossi Catering.










Our chefs and sommeliers will be happy to help you establish which are the best ingredients and wines to include in your menus.


The main contributing factor to the quality of a dish is the ingredients: only if the foundations are exceptional can recipes please the palates of customers and leave them with lasting memories. Rossi Catering is well aware of this, so it has complemented its staff with expert, experienced chefs and sommeliers who can help customers to choose from its range of more than 4,000 products.

  • 30 sales consultants
  • Chefs and sommeliers who are happy to share their experience and expertise
  • Tailored choices to win over your customers’ palates and make sure they come back

Customer care

Our dedicated team can handle all of your requests: if you require any information or have problems of any kind, do not hesitate to get in touch and Rossi Catering will provide a solution just for you. We share all of our expertise and you can draw on our wealth of experience in order to organize your business. Our objective is to ensure that everything in your kitchen goes smoothly and your restaurant, wine bar, hotel or campsite gets nothing but positive reviews.

  • A dedicated team at your disposal
  • Rossi Catering can find tailored solutions just for you
  • Our goal is to ensure that your customers are satisfied


Every day we handle your requests promptly and carefully, striving to deliver goods punctually so that you can satisfy your customers. If you receive a booking in the evening for a lunch with lots of guests the next day, there is no need to worry. We can supply everything you need in 24 hours using our specially equipped vehicles, which are refrigerated at +4°C and have compartments for frozen products.

  • We can handle urgent orders
  • Refrigerated vehicles with compartments for frozen products
  • Deliveries made within 24 hours of the orderFine modulo