The main contributing factor to the quality of a dish is the ingredients: only if the foundations are exceptional can recipes please the palates of customers and leave them with lasting memories. Rossi Catering is well aware of this, so it has complemented its staff with expert, experienced chefs and sommeliers who can help customers to choose from its range of more than 4,000 products.

Customer care

Our dedicated team can handle all of your requests: if you require any information or have problems of any kind, do not hesitate to get in touch and Rossi Catering will provide a solution just for you. We share all of our expertise and you can draw on our wealth of experience in order to organize your business. Our objective is to ensure that everything in your kitchen goes smoothly and your restaurant, wine bar, hotel or campsite gets nothing but positive reviews.


Every day we handle your requests promptly and carefully, striving to deliver goods punctually so that you can satisfy your customers. If you receive a booking in the evening for a lunch with lots of guests the next day, there is no need to worry. We can supply everything you need in 24 hours using our specially equipped vehicles, which are refrigerated at +4°C and have compartments for frozen products.


Transport services

All of our vehicles are fitted with reinforced insulation. The interiors are covered with materials that are easy to sanitize, with rounded corners to help to prevent dust and residue from building up. Food safety is guaranteed thanks to temperature controlled boxes that keep fresh and frozen products at the right temperature: all of the temperatures are monitored during journeys and they are checked again upon delivery in order to guarantee quality.