From water in plastic or glass bottles to soft drinks to suit all tastes: we can help you to decide which to choose and why.

No bar menu is complete without a selection of soft drinks: Rossi Catering will help you to pick a selection of juices, soft drinks and water for your customers to enjoy before and during meals and whenever they want a relaxing break.


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    Sparkling or still? In plastic or glass bottles? You can rest assured that you will find everything you need in the catalogue. We have a selection that can satisfy all needs, in bottles ranging from 500 millilitres to 1.5 litres.


    Natural, organic, 100% fruit, cartons and bottles: whether you are making cocktails or serving refreshing juice for breakfast and relaxing breaks, Rossi Catering has everything you need.

    Soft drinks

    Orangeade, chinotto, lemonade, citron, Coca-Cola, ginseng: have we forgotten anything? If there is something that you cannot find in the catalogue, we will source and select it especially for you.


    We want to offer you and your restaurant not only delicious, wholesome products, but also food safety

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    Fast and fresh

    Fast and fresh: Support with selection and prompt deliveries. Rossi Catering offers a helping hand in the kitchen.

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    Organic products

    Rossi Catering takes an environmentally friendly approach and brings it to the table. Check out our organic lines and add them to your menu.

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    Businesses served


    Traditional Italian cuisine or creative, elaborate dishes: take your pick from the wide range of products on offer.


    There are numerous cuts and types of meat to suit your selection and culinary skills.


    Big numbers are no problem for Rossi Catering: our selection is capable of satisfying numerous customers.


    Criss-crossing the globe every day to keep everyone satisfied can be a tricky task, but we make it easy.


    Every single ingredient plays a prominent role in pizzas: from the preparation and toppings to the service, if you really want to stand out, you must select each and every detail with care.