The first and finest fresh seasonal vegetables, delicious fruit that goes straight from the farm to the fork and tropical specialities: you can rest assured that we have everything you need.


Fresh, frozen and early seasonal vegetables, and delicious fresh and frozen fruit, all specially picked for making main courses, side dishes, snacks and desserts: Rossi Catering’s vast selection guarantees food safety “from the farm to the fork”.


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    Fresh products

    Savour the wholesome flavours of freshly picked fruit from the trees and vegetables from the fields: in our catalogue you can find produce of all kinds, including organic items, goods with short supply chains and local output that goes straight from the farm to the fork. Rossi Catering will deliver the items that you select straight to your kitchen.

    Frozen products

    Quality is guaranteed with Rossi Catering’s fruit and vegetables, which are selected and preserved with care in a cold chain that remains unbroken all of the way to your kitchen. You can choose fruit and vegetables of all kinds and keep them in your freezer for whenever they are needed.

    Prepared fruit and vegetables

    Fresh, washed, packaged and ready for use: Rossi Catering’s range of prepared fruit and vegetables will help you to work faster while keeping quality consistently high.


    We want to offer you and your restaurant not only delicious, wholesome products, but also food safety

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    Fast and fresh

    Fast and fresh: Support with selection and prompt deliveries. Rossi Catering offers a helping hand in the kitchen.

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    Organic products

    Rossi Catering takes an environmentally friendly approach and brings it to the table. Check out our organic lines and add them to your menu.

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    Businesses served


    Traditional Italian cuisine or creative, elaborate dishes: take your pick from the wide range of products on offer.


    There are numerous cuts and types of meat to suit your selection and culinary skills.


    Big numbers are no problem for Rossi Catering: our selection is capable of satisfying numerous customers.


    Criss-crossing the globe every day to keep everyone satisfied can be a tricky task, but we make it easy.


    Every single ingredient plays a prominent role in pizzas: from the preparation and toppings to the service, if you really want to stand out, you must select each and every detail with care.