As well as numerous ingredients, in a kitchen you also need lots of implements and items of equipment. Do you find it hard to choose them? Make the most of Rossi Catering’s experience and expertise. Our consultants will take note of your needs and select all of the products in tandem with you.


Getting in touch with lots of suppliers and reading countless catalogues is time-consuming and there is no guarantee that it will help you to make the right choice. Rossi Catering can select the best products on the market for you and your business, with the ideal balance between price, quality and service.


From vegetarians to vegans and from teetotallers to wine connoisseurs, you can satisfy every single one of your customers with the Rossi Catering catalogue


Do you want to make a vegetarian dish? Or lasagne alla bolognese? Would you like to try your hand at nouvelle cuisine with a creative dish that blends ethnic flavours and traditional recipes? Or do you prefer to tickle the taste buds of your customers with pizzas made with exceptional ingredients? Would you like to offer your customers some divine wine to complement their dinner? Rossi Catering has the answer to all of these questions: we select the suppliers of all of our ingredients with great care and constantly monitor them. Rossi Catering is a reliable partner whose comprehensive service revolves around you, your business and your customers.

Catering to all dietary needs

It is necessary to satisfy every single one of your customers, all of whom are unique. Rossi Catering will help you to keep them happy. Carefully selecting ingredients is essential not only in order to cater to people with various forms of food intolerance and those who follow special diets, but also to protect the environment. In a restaurant, everyone should be able to enjoy the pleasures of eating healthily and treating both their bodies and the planet properly. Therefore, on your menu it is crucial to include dishes for all those with forms of food intolerance and special dietary requirements, as well as people who are meticulous about everything that they eat. Rossi Catering will be by your side as you make succulent delicacies to meet all of their needs.

Organic products

Products that promote biodiversity in livestock and arable farming, with no artificial products or GMOs. Selected with care and certified by the Italian Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA).

Fair trade products

From the producers to the end customers, support developing countries with items that are sold in a transparent trading system.

Food intolerance

Looking for items that contain no eggs, dairy products, tomatoes or gluten? For every intolerance there is a product that you can use to make a dish capable of satisfying your customers.

Vegetarian products

Make vegetarian menus irresistible with Rossi Catering’s select products: your culinary skills will take care of the rest.

Vegan products

Every meal can be vegan thanks to the wide range that we have on offer. Our staff can also help you with the creative side of things.

Gourmet line

Take your taste buds and imagination on a journey with choice delights that fuse traditions and creativity.

The idea

A selection of superior products that embody artisan traditions. Masterful, creative hands produce every dish following age-old recipes. A finely honed combination of internationally renowned Italian products and traditional fare from all over the world, for a wonderfully global flavour. Food artisans find their true home in this range, which will surprise all five senses.

  • The story of traditional recipes
  • Quintessential Italian excellence
  • The very best from around the world


Prized cured meats and artisan ham from Veneto and elsewhere in Italy, refined cheeses and cured meats from across the globe, extremely fresh artisan cheeses, jam, marmalade, oil, rice, preserved food and exquisite chocolate and confectionery are just some of the products in the Gourmet Line, which is constantly growing to reflect the demand from our customers. The unique tastes and flavours lay the foundations for first-rate cuisine.

  • High-quality artisan food
  • A journey for the taste buds, from sweet to savoury
  • The unique flavour of excellence

Chef Line

You can be the chef with fresh ready meals that make things quicker in the kitchen and never fail to satisfy customers

The idea

Fresh ready meals with unbeatable food safety thanks to the Cook & Chill production method. To minimize the risk of bacterial growth during the production process, the food is cooked at low temperatures and its nutritional properties remain unchanged. Subsequently, they are taken down to a temperature of between 0°C and 4°C in a blast chiller. Add all sorts of appetizing dishes to your menu: all you have to do is heat them up.

  • Cook & Chill production method
  • Cooking at low temperatures
  • The dishes will be ready in just a few minutes in your kitchen


Lasagne with radicchio, vegetarian crespelle, bigoli with duck ragu, pumpkin cream, vegetarian spelt salad, Valencian paella, baccalà alla vicentina, turkey chunks in curry sauce, pork fillet with green peppercorns, and red scorpionfish fillet in citrus sauce: the wide range of delicious dishes means that you can change your selection every day and put together a huge menu without slowing things down in the kitchen.

  • Traditional Italian dishes
  • Tasty ethnic creations
  • A broad menu with no need to spend extra time in the kitchen


Every product is unique, so they should all be selected with care. Rossi Catering has been at your service since 1992.


The quality of a dish starts at the very beginning, with the ingredients. They must be chosen with care and painstakingly selected in order to please the palate of the end consumer. Rossi Catering provides nothing but first-rate ingredients that are chosen with you and for you. Our members of staff – including chefs and sommeliers – are the perfect partners. We can help you to select all of the items needed by your business one by one.

  • The key to goodness lies in the origins
  • Rossi Catering selects items meticulously
  • Dedicated staff help you to choose


If the foundations of a dish are exceptional, the taste sensations will leave the customer with lasting memories. Therefore, Rossi Catering has added chefs and sommeliers to its 30-strong team of sales consultants, so that they can use their experience and expertise to help customers to choose from the range of more than 4,000 products. The members of the team share their knowledge with each other on a constant basis, thus ensuring that you can always count on the perfect consultant.

  • 30 sales consultants
  • Chefs and sommeliers who are happy to share their experience and expertise
  • Tailored choices to satisfy your customers and make sure they come back