A large cold store, a warehouse containing every product you might need, and consultants to help you to establish which are the best wines to pair with your dishes and which is the right ingredient for a new recipe. Does this all sound like a dream? With Rossi Catering it can come true.


You can count on us to help you to choose the best products and bring them to you when you need them. If you want to make your kitchen more efficient, Rossi Catering is the perfect partner: with a dedicated customer care service and prompt deliveries just 24 hours after you order, your kitchen will be able to amaze your customers with breathtaking recipes. Focus on creating unbeatable dishes and leave the rest to us. You will be free to unleash your culinary passion.


Selecting products with the support of experienced consultants who work with all sorts of businesses is a unique process that can produce outstanding results.


The main contributing factor to the quality of a dish is the ingredients. Only if the foundations are exceptional can recipes please the palates of customers and leave them with lasting memories: Rossi Catering is well aware of this, so it has complemented its staff with expert, experienced chefs and sommeliers who can help customers to choose from its range of more than 4,000 products.

  • 4,000 products
  • Chefs and sommeliers who are happy to share their experience and expertise
  • Tailored choice

Customer care

Our dedicated team can handle all of your requests: if you require any information or have problems of any kind, do not hesitate to get in touch and Rossi Catering will provide a solution just for you. We share all of our expertise and you can draw on our wealth of experience in order to organize your business. Our objective is to ensure that everything in your kitchen goes smoothly and your restaurant, wine bar, hotel or campsite gets nothing but positive reviews.

  • A team at your disposal
  • Rossi Catering can find tailored solutions just for you
  • Our goal is to ensure that your customers are satisfied

Fast and fresh

Does the idea of a partner to help you make choices and deliver promptly sound ground-breaking? That’s just what Rossi Catering is.


All of our sales consultants use cutting-edge digital systems to send orders to our head office instantly. Our customer care team receives the orders, which have already been processed by our management software, and organizes them immediately. If you want to handle orders individually, you can either call the customer care team or send them straight to your consultant by email.

  • Orders are sent instantly using digital systems
  • Rossi Catering’s prompt organization guarantees optimum time management


In every storage area in our warehouse, there is a zone where products requested by customers are kept prior to shipping. Rossi Catering has organized the process in this way in order to provide you with a reliably unbroken cold chain during quantity and quality assessment checks on the products due for delivery. We guarantee food safety at all times.

  • The cold chain is never broken
  • Food safety is at the heart of the entire process


We can bring everything that you need to satisfy your customers directly to your wine bar, restaurant, campsite or hotel. Our logistics department is open every day. If you received a booking at the last possible minute for a lunch with lots of guests the next day, there is no need to worry. We can supply everything you need in 24 hours using our specially equipped vehicles, which are refrigerated at (+4°C) and have compartments for frozen foods (-20°C).

  • Refrigerated vehicles with compartments for frozen products
  • Deliveries made within just 24 hours of the order


From setting the table and preparing the ingredients to cleaning products: we have covered everything in our varied range of products.

Non-food products

Various frequently consumed materials are essential in restaurants: cleaning products, customized pizza boxes featuring your corporate image, disposable tablecloths, toothpicks and everything else that helps to make your service impeccable. Rossi Catering will analyse your needs with you and then find the best supplier to cater to your requirements.

  • Suppliers chosen to suit your needs
  • All-round support based on an initial analysis


From meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to flour, semi-finished goods and packaged products: there is something to suit all needs in our product range. We have ingredients for vegans, vegetarians and people with diabetes and coeliac disease. It is essential to make every customer happy, so we will work alongside you in the search for the right products and suppliers to satisfy them. In our special lines, you will also find a selection of ready meals that just need to be heated up.

  • Products for vegans, vegetarians and people with diabetes, coeliac disease and various forms of food intolerance
  • Find the finest ingredients and satisfy your customers


Every day we strive to find the very best wines to pair with your delicious recipes. Rossi Catering’s product range includes a vast selection of wines and spirits from Italy and many other countries: red wine, sparkling wine and our exclusive label Leida 19.88. We can also keep beer lovers happy with our wide array of Italian, international and craft creations. Alcohol-free options are also available.

  • Our own Leida 19.88 label, just for you
  • Beer of all kinds, including alcohol-free options


In our 14,000 m² warehouse, we can store all of your products at the right temperature, meaning you no longer have to worry about having enough space.

Long-life products

All of our non-food and long-life products are stored in a 10,200 m² area, where every aisle is organized so that similar products are placed together, thus making restocking and deliveries as fast as possible. The large warehouse is kept at room temperature. It is never too hot or too cold, so the products do not overheat or get too cold.

  • 10,200 m² for non-food and long-life products
  • The large warehouse is kept at room temperatu

Fresh products and meat

Fresh products are stored in a 700 m² refrigerated area, where they are kept at between 2°C and 4°C. Fresh meat is stored at between 0°C and 2°C in a 200 m² refrigerated unit. The temperatures of the different units are constantly monitored by safety devices, which ensure that immediate action can be taken in the event of faults.

  • 700 m² for fresh products
  • 200 m² for fresh meat

Frozen foods

Are frozen foods a problem for you? Do you struggle to find room for large freezers and ensure that a wide range is always available? We have the solution. Our frozen product storage area spans 2,000 m² and the temperature inside is always kept below -18°C. Safety devices ensure that it is always kept at the right temperature: if there are any faults, our staff take action immediately.

  • Rossi Catering puts a stop to all problems with frozen foods
  • 2,000 m² at temperatures below -18